GeneQuine Biotherapeutics GmbH develops novel therapies for osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease with high unmet medical need.

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in humans as well as in animals such as horses and dogs. Since long-term efficient medicines are currently not available, osteoarthritis represents a significant unmet medical need.

GeneQuine's mission is to improve patients' mobility and quality of life by revolutionizing the treatment of osteoarthritis. In order to achieve this, GeneQuine uses the latest knowledge in the field to identify the most suitable base technology for ideal osteoarthritis drugs. GeneQuine found that a gene therapy approach is ideally suited to deliver long lasting effective and safe treatment of osteoarthritis. Therefore, GeneQuine based its drug candidates on an innovative gene therapy approach utilizing next generation gene transfer vehicles.

In parallel to the development of osteoarthritis drugs for humans, GeneQuine is developing products for the veterinary field. In fact, GeneQuine is initially focused on gaining market authorization for horses and dogs, since regulatory hurdles and development costs for veterinary drugs are markedly lower and market approval can be gained faster compared with human medicines.