GeneQuine on Expert Panel Discussion at Merck’s Advance Biotech Grant Program Award Ceremony, 31 January 2019, Darmstadt [ 29 Jan 2019 ]

As a previous winner of Mercks’s European Emerging Biotech Grant Program, GeneQuine’s CEO Kilian Guse will hold an introductory speech on how the grant accelerated GeneQuine's development of a novel gene therapy platform and supported the lead program in osteoarthritis.

The event brings together representatives of biotechnology, successful startups, and leaders of the life science business. Together with other stakeholders, Kilian Guse will discuss on an experts panel the role of emerging biotech and the challenges entrepreneurs must overcome to advance their drug candidates to the market and the strategies to position a company for success. To learn more on how Merck accelerated GeneQuine's biotech drug development (watch this testimonial on Merck Life Science LinkedIn Profile).